Agaia is..

The freedom to choose the food you like and still achieve your personal goals. Calories are no longer a concern!

What do we do?
We help you plan, execute and monitor your daily meals.
Set a goal
Choose your favorite meals and follow the instructions. Agaia will take care of the rest
Discover your perfect meal
Do you like cooking? Do you have the time to spend in the kitchen? We got you covered even if you don’t.
How much does it cost?
Your health, shape and confidence are priceless to us! We will support you for free during the trial period. After that our support will set you back 19,99 EUR per month

How to begin

We begin with some information about you: nutritional habits, meal preferences, goals...

Then you need to pick your body type and tell us about any allergies you might have, we will take it from there.


Here you choose your daily and sports activities


Subscription plans for you and your family


0,00 €

  • All functions
  • No limitations
  • 7 days by default
  • 21 days from referral link
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19,99 €/ monthly

  • Personal calculations
  • Auto meal suggestions
  • Shopping list
  • Chat support


19,99 €/ monthly

  • Up to 4 members
  • Individual sub accounts
  • Combined Shopping List
  • Chat support

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